April 19, 2018 1 min read

Today is my day. Today is the day I put aside all that worried or upset me yesterday.

Today is the day I say no to any thought, any feeling or any remembrance of past hurt or disappointment.

Today is the day I say YES to life! Today is the day I see that I can do more, be more, live more.

Today is the day I know that neither my happiness nor success depend on any person, place, or thing.

Today is the day I see in myself all the qualities I need to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be successful in all that I undertake.

Today my world is fresh and new! Today I am filled with self confidence with the assurance that I am the master of my life.

Today I set about to accomplish Great Things, to live up to the high expectations I have set for myself.

Today I will succeed for God is with me and His Spirit in me is my inspiration and my capability.

Today Is MY DAY! and So It Is!

Christ Follower Life
Christ Follower Life

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